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December 2016

About Greystone

Greystone Fine Furniture has scoured the province to select only the finest items with an eye to unique features, timeless lines and current trends. It’s like walking into your best friend’s beautifully furnished home and being able  to leave with your favourite pieces.




“We don’t specialize in antiques. We specialize in beautiful, versatile, affordable furniture,” says Priya Mohan. “Our pieces are from an era where craftsmanship was as important as function. The pieces you buy from us are future heirlooms.”

Our showroom, staged like a home, is filled with a collection of vintage, mid-century, modern, retro, contemporary and antique treasures including an impressive selection of the finest hand-knotted Persian rugs.

Greystone is owned by sisters-in-law, Priya and Heather Mohan. The store evolved from their love of decorating and finding quality furniture at great prices. They began stockpiling pieces they desperately wanted but could no longer fit into their homes or amongst their friends.

“If a piece is not extraordinary, it doesn’t belong at Greystone, adds Priya. “The rule is it has to be something we would put into our own homes. Given the fact that a house has a finite amount of space, every piece has to be special - there’s just no room for anything less than fabulous.”

For those people anxious about home-decorating, Heather suggests,“If a piece of furniture or an accessory makes you gasp, somehow or other it will fit it into your existing décor. The things that take your breath away are often somehow similar - they’ll either share a colour palette, a style, or a sense of whimsy. When you gather these pieces together in your home, they end up complementing each other.” 

The owners feel strongly about supporting the local community and will be donating a portion of all sales to charities including the Halton Foundation for Learning and Lifeline Syria.

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